Thursday, October 8, 2015

ISR Channel 2 Street Pop Radio: R. Kelly - "Cookies" (Fan Made Remix)


  1. After two albums of elegant, old-school Chicago stepping music, R. Kelly is back doing the raunch.

    "Black Panties" is a musically detailed, sonically rich porn soundtrack, a formula that has helped the singer sell more than 50 million albums worldwide in two decades."

    Omar Burgess of HipHopDX gave the album three and a half stars out of five, saying "Black Panties finds his subject matter about as varied as the play-by-play of two dogs in heat.

    But what it lacks in lyrical depth it makes up for by being a catchy, entertaining and completely in the moment. Highly recommended "turnt up music" designed for the club or the boudoir.


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